An Advocate for Advocaat

I have to say, while it’s not the most common ingredient used in most cocktails today, advocaat is a great way to add texture and subtle flavor to a cocktail.  In fact, I really couldn’t find many recipes that call for the stuff, save for a few mentioned on the web and in Simon Difford’s, Difford’s Guide #9, but nothing most would consider to be a craft cocktail. It’s right up there with HPNOTIQ, Goldschläger and Fireball. The most popular drink I could find was a “interesting” mix of lemonade and advocaat called a Snowball….Not sure if this is the best example of how to use advocaat, but then again, that’s the main reason for this blurb.

A traditional Dutch liqueur, advocaat is made from egg yolks, sugar and brandy.  In Mexico a similar blend is called rompope, made from eggs, milk, vanilla and spirits, while in England you have  a hot version with posset, which is derived usually from sherry or ale.  Here in the states we know it as eggnog.  Advocaat has a custard-like flavor and apparently they use this stuff for anything from cocktails to ice cream and waffle toppings.  I can see why it would not necessarily be something you go to when you think of a craft cocktail, but it deserves a second thought.  Advocaat brings a wonderful texture to cocktails, much like a flip, and also contributes subtle flavor notes as well.  Personally, I like the idea of not having to use a raw egg to get that silky, soft texture, and not having to shake the living hell out if for like a minute isn’t all that bad either.

After tinkering for a bit in the cocktail lab, a dusty bottle of Strega caught my eye, and I started toying with idea of how it would pair with advocaat.  Strega is an Italian herbal disgetivo made from saffron, fennel and mint (among other things).  These strong flavors really interact well with the richness and honey profile of the advocaat, and with the addition of some spicy rye and allspice we would finally get some usage out of an uncommon ingredient in cocktails.  There are a fewcommercial brandsmake an advocaat liqueur, the most common one being from Bols, which I used here. Remember torefrigerate your bottle once you open it, and it should last you about a month after that. And, of course, you can always craft your own homemade version, simply click here here for the recipe.

Devil’s Advocaat
1 1/2 oz Rye
3/4 oz Strega
3/4 oz Advocaat
1/2 tsp St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram
Nutmeg for Garnish

Shake with ice,and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish and enjoy.

Color: Golden cream

Flavor: Spice, honey, oak and earthiness with licorice, mint and honey

Texture: Full and creamy

I am very pleased with my results to make a real cocktail out of an otherwise unpopular ingredient.  Help spread the word; advocaat is not just for waffles!  Cheers.

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