MxMo LXXXIV Roundup: Temperance

Another Mixology Monday has come, and is about to be gone.  This month I had the pleasure of playing host once again to this fine monthly cocktail party; except this time without the cocktails.  The theme of temperance was a bit of a curveball for us cocktail craving lot, but it was in no way any less significant nor refreshing to the palate. Through this journey I learned two things:  First and most importantly, even in the face of adversity (adversity being the absence of any alcohol in this case) our band of cocktail community brothers and sisters showed me that mocktails can be just as complex and delectable as any booze laden libation.  And secondly, apparently a lot of people have a hard time remembering the name of my blog….  No matter, it’s the thought that counts!

Thanks once again to Mixology Monday and our venerable MC, Fred Yarm for keeping the cocktail spirit alive and well on the web and to all of you who participated and gave us some fantastic spiritless refreshments to mix up.  And without further adieu, here are this month’s Temperance tidbits.  Cheers!


Egg Cream First off, Mike over at Sweet Tea & Bourbon gave us two delectable offerings:  The classic Bronx Egg Cream and a childhood favorite of mine, the Raspberry French Soda.  Thanks for taking us back to a nostalgic era of the soda shoppe that hopefully sees a bit more resurgence in the coming years. Yin Sheng Din Dang A World of Drinks came at us with a zen like “Doctors Orders” offering in the Yi Sheng Ding Dan that calls for a healthy dose of orange bitters tempered by citrus and vitamin rich Gansu fruit tea.  Who need an apple a day when you have this?  And, as an added bonus we were also treated to a fantastic little historical tidbit about the Temperance Movement and the significance of two patent medicines, one of which would go on to be the most sold soda pop in the world, Coca Cola.  A truly wonderful and insightful read.   Asian Pear & Honey Shrub Next we have Chris over at A Bar Above (a new favorite of mine I might add) creating a tantalizing Spring Time Shrub that utilizes asian pear, black pepper, cider vinegar and honey.  Shrubs are a great way to add a lot of flavor and complexity to cocktails, and are wonderful with simply a bit of soda water, as Chris gives us here.  Brilliantly done sir.   Mocktail Trio Southern Ash gives us a trio of offerings with the Dapper Dan, the Ginned Up and the New Fangled.  The recipe for his Ginned Up Syrup sounds like a wonderful alternative to gin and one I’ll be mixing up soon.   Strawberry Lemon Froth Georgia Mint Julep                 Our Master of Ceremonies Fred Yarm from Cocktail Virgin Slut gives us two cocktail offerings from prohibition from Bertha Stockbridge’s 1920 spiritless book, the Georgia Mint Julep and the Strawberry-Lemon Froth.  A couple great mocktails and a dash of history as well.  Crafty as ever good sir. Cucumber Mint Cooler Food and Beverage writer Stacy Markow gives us a refreshing take on a classic cooler style cocktail with her Cucumber Mint Cooler.    How can you go wrong with fresh mint, cucumber and high quality ginger beer?  Absolutely delicious.   La Marina Next up, Elana from Stir and Strain dazzles us with a tonic and strawberry induced libation the La Marina.  A wonderful sweet, savory and a touch of bitter drink that will be sure to put a smile on your face.   Tiki Tonic Previous MxMo host Jordan from Chemistry of the Cocktail A delicious Tiki style beverage for us with the Tiki Tonik  that incorporates a wonderful duo of Angostura and falernum bitters paired with passion fruit, lime and some of  Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Tonic Syrup.  I’m really loving these unique Tiki takes this month.   The Collie Andrea from Gin Hound opted for a complex and unique Lassi style mocktail that incorporates violet syrup, ginger beer and yogurt in the aptly named, The Collie.  I am truly intrigue with these combinations of flavors and can’t wait to give it a whirl.  Thanks Andrea. Hawaii-403 Matt at Augustine Bar surprises us with another Tiki sour offering in the Hawaii 403 but this time with espresso and lime!  A difficult combination to be sure but I tried this last night and addition of almond and honey really brings it together masterfully.  Perfect.   Zero Proof Mojito Cocktail and brand consultants, the Tipicular Fixin’s, throws us a refreshing Mojito style libation that uses mint and green tea with the Zero Proof Mojito.   I love the addition of the Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters along with both teas.  Masterfully done.   Fauxmosa The MxMo is turning out to be the tea & multi-drink offering Monday.  Amanda from Mandible throws in another duo with her Juniper Green Tea & Tonic and the Fauxmosa.  The Champagne Grape Syrup was a brilliant touch Amanda, well done. Green Tea Tonic     Miss May Our Muse of Doom over at Feu de Vie offers up a floral Victorian Era version of the mundane Arnold Palmer in her delicious take, the Miss May.  The Muse always delivers and never disappoints.   Kim Rose Next up Todd Yard over at Concoctails offers up a wild sour style mocktail the Kim Rose.  What makes this wild you ask?  Well, this is the first time I’ve personally seen a beverage that uses Ponzu in it!  I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive at first, but the salty soy and citrus combo works rather well with the almond and orange.  Truly unique Todd, and well done.


A big apology to Nihil Utopia as I acidentally missed his post!  It was even more of a shame as his Bull’s Eye put a delicious amount of Angostura Bitters along with cider and ginger ale for a wonderful offering…I just hope he can forgive this grave mistake.

Spa Day And, finally, we have Yours Truly give a go at a refreshing cooler/fizz concoction that is sure to keep you relaxed and calm with the Spa Day. cd9b4-mxmologo

9 Comments Add yours

  1. dagreb says:

    Awww, I thought I made the deadline. Oh well…

    1. Scott says:

      Oops, did I miss yours? Please forward me the post and I’ll get it up there ASAP! Sorry again.

  2. Scott says:

    I have fixed this grave mistake and reposted for us all. I do apologise but thanks for submitting a great drink and getting the word to me.


    1. dagreb says:

      Huzzah! It’s a MxMo miracle! 😉

  3. ceccotti says:

    Amazing! Non-alcoholics are a must at any bar.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a post with photo to join.
    Thanks for hosting, Saúde!

  4. Great round up for a really interesting theme. So many really creative drinks for a category of “cocktails” usually snubbed by bartenders. Thanks once again for hosting!

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